Bond Form

If you are the proposed conservator, you will need to fill out a Bond form.

This is a pledge that you will fulfill your duties and not take advantage of your authority.

 To fill out the Bond form:

  1. Download the form at the end of this page.

  2. Complete the form.

You will need to check a box stating that the Bond is one of these:

  • Without sureties

  • With personal sureties

  • With the support of a corporate surety Bond.

Usually, if a family member is the conservator, you can check without sureties.

Surety is a person or insurance company that will protect your family member's resources. If the conservator steals money or property, or causes harm to the person in their care, this acts as insurance so the person will not lose their money.

This is a sensitive business. People who need conservators are vulnerable. So, the Court requires this paperwork to make sure they are protected, even if the conservator is a parent.


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