If you do not agree with the school's decision about a 504 Plan

You have many options for what you can do next.

Remember that a student qualifying for a 504 plan has certain rights by law, but they are not the same procedural safeguards put in place by law for students with an IEP under IDEA.

Here's what you can do:

  • Talk to your contact at the school department and explain why you disagree.Be persistent!If you think your child should qualify for more services, then say so!

  • If the school found your child qualifies for a 504 plan but not an IEP, consider getting another evaluation. If you disagree with the school's results, you can get an Independent Educational Evaluation (or IEE). School districts are not required to pay for a parent's independent evaluation under Section 504.

  • Talk to the Director of Special Education in your school district.

  • Consider getting a special education advocate. (More information below)

  • Contact Family Ties of Mass and ask for advice: 1-800-905-TIES (8437)

To learn more, see the section on Solving a problem with the school.

Sources: Federation for Children with Special Needs, MA DESE, Family TIES of MA