Finding therapy for kids and paying for it

You know your child needs help and therapy is a great option. Now, how can you find and pay for therapy for kids.

Image of woman with a thought bubble showing support, a question mark, and money. Text says: "So how do you make sure your child gets the therapy they need? Who will pay for it?"

Here are several ways you can find and pay for therapy for kids:

  • Early Intervention:

This free program for kids aged 0-3 can offer therapy and other support for kids who qualify.

  • Special Education:

Your public school system can provide therapy and other support for kids aged 3-22 if they qualify.

How do they qualify?

If your child has a diagnosis for autism or developmental delay, they should qualify. But each program needs to do their own evaluation to decide for sure.

  • Health Insurance:

Call your plan to ask what services they cover for autism. Your child may also qualify for MassHealth (Medicaid) in addition to your primary insurance. If you don't have insurance or want to learn more, see the section in the menu called Financial benefits and support.

  • DDS: The Department of Developmental Services

These services are to help support families of children with disabilities. Children with autism should qualify for therapy and other services. There is a process of applying. To learn more, see the section in the menu about DDS. 

  • Hire a therapist and pay for it yourself:

Look in the Resource Directory to find a therapist or autism program in your area. (Click the title to open it in a new tab.) Put in your zip code and choose the type of therapy you want. You can also check the Medicaid box to find those who accept MassHealth.


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Note: You may find that many places have a waitlist for ABA therapy. Unfortunately there is a shortage of therapists. Try to get on as many waitlists as you can.