Transition services to prepare for life after school

Transition is the process of moving from the world of school to the world of adult activities.

And there are resources to help!

  • In Massachusetts, students with a disability can get services from the school system until they turn 22 or graduate from high school.

  • The school is required to help them with transition starting at age 14.

  • They can provide training and other support to help your child prepare for their future.

Image shows a continuum of a school house with an arrow pointing to a person and an arrow pointing to a question mark. Text says: Depending on a student

Even though you know your child will grow and change, it's helpful to think about their future now. Then you can be sure they are getting the right support to help them prepare for it. 

Learn more in our Transition to Adulthood Guide! 

We'll tell you:

  • How to help your child plan for their future

  • What kinds of services your child can get through their IEP to help them prepare for their future goals

  • How to prepare for independent living, employment or college