Summary of adult service agencies in Massachusetts

These are two main state agencies that you should know about as your child approaches adulthood.

If your child qualifies, they can get support throughout their lifespan.

DDS - The Department of Developmental Services

  • For people with developmental or intellectual disabilities who need help to live independently or in a supported environment like a group home

  • Provides a range of services to help with life skills, in-home care, employment, housing, social connections and interacting with the community

  • If your child is blind, the Mass Commission for the Blind (MCB) will serve this purpose instead of DDS.

MRC - The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

  • Helps people to live and work in the community

  • Includes job training and coaching, and other employment support

  • Works with young adults transitioning from school: starts at age 16


You'll connect with these agencies during the transition process. We'll tell you more later in the Guide. We'll also tell you how to find other support agencies.

Your IEP team should help you connect to these organizations, but you can call them yourself anytime to see what they can offer!

Sources: DDS, MRC