See our Special Education Guide to learn more

Exceptional Lives also has a Special Education Guide. (Click on the title to open it in a new tab.)

The Special Education Guide will take you step by step through the process of connecting with your public school system and creating a plan to support your child throughout their school years, including transition.

This Guide will help you through the whole process. First we will explain what kinds of support the school system can offer and how to see what your child qualifies for. Then we will walk you through these steps: 1. Connect with the right people in your school system. 2. identify and explain your child's strengths and challenge. 3. Get the evaluation to see what support your child needs. If your child qualifies for an Individualized Education Program (IEP), we'll show you how to: prepare for the meetings with the IEP team, work with the team to fill out the IEP form, make sure you create the best plan for  your child, find support so you can speak up for your child's needs, monitor your child's services.