About adult services

If your child needs support services after they graduate or turn 22, there are agencies that can help.

If your child qualifies, they can offer lifelong support.

We'll tell you more about them later on in this Guide, but here are a few important things to know:

  • They can help your child prepare for getting a job, or for living independently or with support.

  • The main agency is DDS: the Department of Developmental Services. But if your child is blind, they will work with the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind instead of DDS. They offer the same types of services.

  • The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) also provides a variety of services to support employment and independent living.

  • If your child needs these services, you will connect with the agencies during the transition process.

Special Education services are an entitlement: this means they are guaranteed by law if you qualify. Adult services are not: Even if you qualify, it depends on funding and what is available at the time.