Helping your child be involved in their future planning

Self Advocacy is the ability to speak up for your own needs.

You will hear this term a lot, because it's an important skill for young adults to learn, especially when they have a disability.

Here's what you can do: 

  • Talk to your child as much as possible about their transition process and ideas for their future

  • Give them as much responsibility as you think they can manage. This includes chores and activities and also decisions that may affect themselves and the family. The goal is to let them learn how to be responsible.

  • Look for self advocacy workshops and other training opportunities. Ask your child's IEP team, or click on the buttons below to learn more.

Click the link at the bottom of the page to download a 2-page brochure. Or click here to find it in Spanish, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese.(From a website)


Here are some resources that you can show your child to help them learn to do some of this planning themselves:

Click on the title or the link to open the website in a new tab.

Creating your Independent Future

2-page brochure:

(Or download below)

Creación de su Independiente Futuro


Smooth Moves Youth Health Transition

Website for teens with lots of information and transition guidance


Got Transition?

Website with information about transition, especially around healthcare


Dude, Where’s MyTransition Plan?

  • Written for students to help understand transition and plan for their future. Includes interactive checklists, quizzes and places to write their own notes. 27 pages.

  • Created by parent training group sin a few different states, but most information is helpful for anyone

Project TEAM Training Program

TEAM: Teens Making Environment and Activity Modifications

Empowers teens to identify and change barriers in their environment

(Also see below to download a training guide.)