Think about why you're concerned

What is it about your child that seems different from other kids their age?

Here’s what you can do:

1. Ask yourself the following questions about your child. Do they have unusual behaviors or habits? Do they seem less engaged than other kids? Do they not seem to have the same skills as other kids their age? Thinks like sitting up, crawling, babbling or talking, looking you in the eye, holding toys, etc. How well do they socialize with other? 2. Then, write down some notes about your answers to these questions.

Look at these kinds of things:

  • Concentration and Focus — Do they have an unusually hard time focusing on one thing at a time?

  • Social Skills — Do they avoid interactions with others, show overly aggressive behavior, or seem painfully anxious around people?

  • Physical Skills — Compared to their peers, do they have trouble doing things like holding a crayon, picking up small objects, or moving around their environment?