OCDD: The Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities

This department runs programs for people with developmental disabilities.

  • They have services for people of any age.

  • There are offices all over the state. The local office that connects you with  OCDD  services is called a Human Services District Office or Authority (HSD or HSA).

Flowchart showing the Louisiana Department of Health or LDH. Within the LDH there are different offices, they are really more like departments. They are the OCDD and the OAAS. The OCDD is the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities. This office provides services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. The OAAS is the Office of Aging and Adult Services. It provides services for people with disabilities and older adults. Outside of the LDH, is the HSD Office or the Human Services District Office. Call your local HSD Office to connect to OCDD services.

Capital Area HSD: (225) 925-1910

 Here's what you can do: 

  • Call your local HSD office. Click on this link to get a list of phone numbers and locations: Developmental Disabilities Services Directory. (It will open in a new tab on your screen.) Or you can click on the box below.

  • Tell them about your child's's disability and what kind of services they need in order to live a full life.  Be specific and thorough.

  • Ask them about Medicaid Waivers and what other services your child might qualify for.

  • Click the box below for HSD contact information.

These are the regional HSD offices in Louisiana.  Call the one closest to you.

Note that some offices are called Districts, and some are called Authorities.

Go to this website for more information. (It will open in a new tab or window.)

Or call this main office:

You can also call the OCDD Resource Centers:

These links will open in a new tab on your screen. Click here for more information about the Resource Centers.  Or call the center closest to you:




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