Transition Planning with IEP Team

Transition can be scary for kids and parents!

But the important thing is to be ready ahead of time, and to know what kind of support you can get.

Image of a childs hand inside an adult's palm
There are transition services your child can get during high school to help them prepare for their goals in adult life.

There's a lot you can do to make sure that your child gets support in high school to help them prepare for life as an adult!

Talk as a family about your child's future goals, challenges, and what kind of support they need to reach these goals.

Decide on a Graduation Pathway with help form your IEP team.

Make sure your child's IEP reflects your child's goals, and that it's being followed.

Create a Transition Plan with your IEP team. 


Please see the Transition to Adulthood section to learn more about this!


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