Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution is a process of resolving disagreements.

The school system has a formal process to go through. This is your legal right.

These are the steps, in order:

Image of a schoolhouse1. Meet with the school again
Share your concerns with the school team and try to work together.


Image of an IEP Binder2. Request a facilitated IEP
Bring in a neutral facilitator to improve communication between you
and the IEP team.


Image of 3 people sitting at a table3. Ask for Mediation
Bring in a neutral mediator who is trained to help resolve issues
between you and the school district.


Image of a signed document

4. File an informal complaint
5. File a formal complaint


Image of a courthouse6. File for a Due Process Hearing
This is a formal meeting, like a court trial. This should be a last resort!


How to find more information:

Image of Louisiana Department of Education Resolution Comparison Chart


You can also contact the State at DisputeResolution.DOE@la.gov.


Source: LA DOE