Facilitated IEPs

You might want to consider asking for a Facilitated IEP.

The Louisiana Department of Education has facilitators available at no cost to help with difficult IEP Team meetings.

Either the parents or the school can make the request for a facilitator. Both the parents and the school must agree before the facilitator can be used.


Image of three people sitting at a table.Who is the facilitator?

  • The facilitator is NOT a member of the IEP team

  • A neutral person who does not represent you or the school

  • Helps with complex issues or a strained relationship between
    parents and the school

  • Oversees drafting a successful IEP for the student 

What does the facilitator do?

  • Gets the school team to make a meeting agenda and stick to it

  • Keeps the team focused on the goal of agreeing on an IEP

  • Helps solve problems that come up

  • Keeps communication clear and open

  • Makes sure the meeting starts and ends on time

How do I ask for a facilitated IEP?

Click the link at the bottom of the page to download the form and mail, fax, or email it to:

Louisiana Department of Education

Attn: Legal Division

1201 North 3rd Street

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

You can also contact them by fax at 225-342-1197 or by email at DisputeResolution.DOE@la.gov.


Source: LA DOE