Eiligibility (who qualifies?)

Social Security has guidelines for who qualifies for SSI benefits.

It depends on a person's age, disability and financial resources.

Image with the caption 'How do I know if my family member is eligible (qualifies) for SSI' above the text 'Age: SSI has different criteria based on the age of the person applying for benefits' Type of Disability: Must meet SSI's definition of disability, which is different for children and adults. Countable Resources: Value of things you own, like cash savings, stocks or property, must be below the SSI limit. Countable Income: Monthly income must be below the SSI limit. (if a child is under 18, the parent's incomeand resources count.'


The rules are different for children. They change at age 18 because a person is considered an adult.


Image of a chart with the subject 'Qualifying for SSI: how it's different for children and adults' above the text Age 17 and under: Definition of Disability includes life skills. SSI looks at the income and resources of the parents. Age 18 and over: Definition of Disability includes life skills and the ability to work. SSI just counts the income and resources that are in the person's own name.


Note: The parents' income will not count if a child does not live at home. (For example, if the child lives at a residential school.)


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Source: Social Security