Qualifying factors for adults (age 18+)

SSI is for anyone with low income and not many resources who has a disability or is over 65.

This guide explains the process for people with disabilities. But if you are over 65 you do not need a disability to qualify.

Image with the subject 'How do you qualify for SSI?' above the text 'You must meed guidelines for: Disability, Income and Resources' beside icons of a house, a person in a wheelchair, a person thinking, and money bag'



  • The disability must fit into SSI's definition of a qualifying disability.

  • It has to limit your ability to work.


  • Income has to be below a certain limit.

Countable resources: 

  • Resources have to be below a certain limit.

  • These include certain things that you own that have value.

  • Examples: money in the bank, stocks, life insurance, real estate (but not your house!)


Married or single?

SSI limits are different depending on if a person is sharing resources with a husband or wife, or if they are using their resources for only themselves.


We will go over all of these in the next pages and help you figure it out!