SSI Guide - Introduction

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. 

  • It is for people who have disabilities, or are over 65. This Guide focuses on those with disabilities.

  • It provides monthly payments to to people with disabilities to help them with basic costs. 

  • It can be a long and confusing process to apply, but we will walk you through it step by step.

  • We'll also help you figure out if you're likely to qualify.

To qualify for SSI, you have to meet certain guidelines:

  • Disability: there are specific criteria, which are different for children and adults

  • Income: must be below a certain limit

  • Resources: the value of things you own must be below a certain limit (like bank savings or second homes or cars)


COVID-19 Pandemic: The local SSI offices are now open to in-person appointments, but they still strongly suggest making an appointment. Click here for more info.


Scam Warning: The Social Security Administration (SSA) is warning people of a scam (fraud) that is falsely telling people that benefits are suspended or discontinued. If you get a letter or phone call saying this, do not believe them and do not give any personal information or send them anything. Click here for more on scams from the SSA.