The application process

This is generally how the process goes: 

1. You will submit an SSI application to your local Social Security office.

Image of a notepad

This has two parts - the first is an online form, but the second part is an interview that must be done in person or on the phone.


2. The Social Security Office will check non-medical eligibility.

Image of a fillable form
They may ask questions about your family member's age, employment, marital status, citizenship, income, resources and housing.


3. Your case gets sent to a Disability Determination Services office.

Image of an envelope or email being sent
They will look at medical records to see if your family member meets the guidelines.


4. The Disability Determination office makes a decision about your case.

Image of a checkmark
If they decide that your family member is disabled, they will tell the Social Security office who will tell you.


We will go through this in detail in the next sections!