SSI contact information

To learn more and apply online, go to the SSI Benefits Page.

To contact Social Security:

Call 1-800-772-1213

  • Be ready to be on hold for a while! Put your phone on speaker and do something else while you wait.

  • It's best to call early in the morning when wait times are shorter.

Go to the SSI Contacts Page:


Coronavirus Pandemic: The local SSI offices are mostly closed to in-person appointments, except in cases of urgent need. You can do all business through the website or on the phone. Click here for more info.


Social Security will keep paying any benefits that you already get. They are warning people of a scam (fraud) that is falsely telling people that benefits are suspended or discontinued. If you get a letter or phone call saying this, do not believe them and do not give any personal information or send them anything. Click here for more on the scam.