If you have a complaint with EarlySteps

There is a process you can follow if you have a complaint and your EarlySteps program does not seem to be helpful.

This may be because you think your child should be getting more services, or because they didn't qualify for EarlySteps and you think they should have.


  • The IDEA law protects your rights.

  • The LDH must make sure your rights are upheld.

Here's what you can do if you have  a complaint:

  1. First, talk to your intake coordinator, FSC or the Director of your EarlySteps program.  They will try to resolve your concern or tell you who to contact.

  2. If that doesn't work, file your complaint with LDH.

  3. If your complaint still isn't resolved, think about Mediation.  If that doesn't work, the last resort is to have a Due Process Hearing.


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If you have a problem with the EarlySteps process, you can file a formal complaint with the regional coordinator at LDH.

The main reasons to file a complaint are:

  • You have a complaint with your EarlySteps program that they can't fix.

  • You disagree with a decision that your child does not qualify.

What you can do:

  • Call your local HSD Quality Assurance Specialist: Verla Farlough 225-925-1936

  • Or: call the LDH EarlySteps Regional Coordinator

    • For the Baton Rouge area: Valencia Allen: 225-925-7090, valencia.allen@la.gov

Click this link to find your EarlySteps regional Coordinators contact info. (It will open in a new tab.)

  • Describe your complaint in writing. If you have suggestions to fix it, include them.

  • Be ready to send your written complaint to LDH and a copy to your EarlySteps program.

Who to call if you have questions:

  • Your FSC (if you have one)

  • Families Helping Families: 225-216-7977 (or your local office)

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Source: LDH

These options are for times when there is a disagreement between you and the EarlySteps program.

For example, if your child did not qualify and you think they should, or if they are not providing the services you think your child should get.

They are both free. LDH should pay.

Image of two rounded rectangles. The first has the subject 'Ask for Mediation' above the text 'Bring in a neutral mediator who is trained to help. This is easy and it works!' Below is the image of 3 people sitting at a table. The second has the subject 'File for a 'Due Process Hearing' above the text 'Have a formal meeting, like a court trial. That should be a last resort.' Below is the image of a courthouse.

Ask your local Families Helping Families office for help if you need it. Each office should have a person from EarlySteps who can help you.

See the section on Connecting with Support Organizations to see how to find them. 

Source: LDH