Tips for going through the Special Ed process

The special education process is long, but it can greatly help your child succeed in school.

Take time to learn as much as you can about the process and your rights. And remember the goal is to work together with the school to help your child.

Three images of family, two hands holding, and a red school house

Here are some tips that will help you once you begin:

  • Ask Questions —During meetings, if there is something you do not understand, ask someone to explain.

  • Do Your Homework —Prepare for meetings and phone calls by reading all the information to be discussed.

  • Write Down All Your Questions and Concerns —Keep this list with all of your other IEP documents, maybe in a binder just for IEP meetings!

  • Keep records of all communication with the school. - This can confirm the timing of requests and consent, and help you to remember (and prove) what you and the school talked about and agreed on.

  • Tell Your Child’s Doctor About Special Education Decisions —They can better serve your child if they know about the evaluation, and what types of educational support are suggested.

  • If you need help, Consider Using an Advocate —Advocates are professionals who help make your voice heard.

  • Join a Parent Support Group —Other parents are great resources because they've been through all these processes already.

Use our Resource Directory to find support groups and advocates in your area.