Problem Resolution System

What is the Problem Resolution System (PRS)?

This is a state program for resolving education complaints. One example is when parents and the school don’t agree on the process of creating or following an IEP. PRS typically handles procedural complaints, not violations of FAPE.

Anyone can call this office for help. This includes parents, students, teachers, or anyone else.

When should you contact the PRS? 

  • If your school did not follow a state or federal education law

  • If you have a problem with your school district that you want to resolve

  • If the problem started within the last year

You can still continue with other actions, like meeting with the school, getting mediation, or filing for a due process hearing. If you file for due process, the PRS complaint will be put on hold until your hearing is complete.

How to file a complaint:

1. Contact the Office of Program Quality Assurance Services (PQA), which runs thePRS.

  • You can find contact information for the PRS Education Specialist assigned to your area(Click to open a list in a new tab on your screen.)

  • You can also call their general phone number at 781-338-3700 (TTY: 1-800-439-2370) or email them

2. Talk to the PRS Specialist about your complaint.

  • If they agree that your complaint is valid, the PRS Specialist may contact the school district to try to resolve the matter without your having to file a complaint.

  • If they do not think there is a valid issue or violation, you have the right to file a complaint anyway. You may need to assert this right with the PRS Specialist.

3. Fill out the PRS intake form.You may ask the PRS Specialist for help, or you can click the button below to download the form and complete it yourself.It's available in many languages. (Click to open a list in a new tab on your screen.)

The form includes:

  • A statement of your concerns

  • Your attempts to resolve your concerns

  • What you think the school should do to resolve your concerns

  • Your signature and contact information

  • Name, address, and school of the student, if the complaint involves someone specific

5. Within 60 days, the Office of Program Quality Assurance Services will make a decision on the complaint and send you the findings.