What to Do If Your Child Struggles in School

There are many ways that you and the school can support your child. Exceptional Lives has in-depth information with guides and steps to get started. Read more here.

If your child struggles with learning, there are many ways you can support them, and many things the school can do to help.

You are not alone!

Whether your child is behind in their reading or math skills, stressed about going to school, or having problems with behavior or social relationships, the school system has lots of supports that can help!

We'll walk you through these first steps to take:

  • Identify your child's challenges and needs
  • Learn about common reasons why kids struggle in school
  • Work with the school system to put some strategies in place to help your child in the classroom
  • Learn some ways to help your child at home

What can the school do?

Children learn in different ways and some kinds of instruction work better for certain kids. Often, the teacher can make some changes in how they teach your child. This may help your child get on track and start having more success.

If the new strategies don't work, the school can evaluate and asses a child with learning or developmental disabilities. If your child needs more specialized instruction, you will go through the process to see if they qualify for Special Education services.

We'll tell you about all of this!


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