Quick tips to find what you need in this Guide

This Guide is for families who are just noticing that their child is struggling in school. 

If your child is getting Special Education services already, or if you want to learn about that whole process, please see the other Guide on Special Education Services. (Click to open it in a new tab.)

Explore what we have here. If you don't get the answers you need, we'll tell you who you can call to get more help.

Arrow.pngSee the Menu (or Table of Contents) on the left.

(On a mobile phone, it's at the top) 


  • Click on any section to open a list of pages. Click again to close it.

  • Click on any underlined page name to go to it.

  • You can go through each section in order or skip around to look for what you need.

  • Some sections are only for certain age ranges.

  • Don't worry if you see the same information more than once! We've done that on purpose so people can find it more than one way.


Scroll down!

  • Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of each page!image of computer and mouse


  • Hover over an underlined orange word for a short definition. (It will not work on a mobile phone.)

  • It looks like this:


Pop-Up Boxes

  • Some pages have pop-up boxes with extra information. Click on the box to open, and click again to close it.

  • They look like this:



  • There are also links to other websites and places where you can download a form or fact sheet. Other websites will open in a new window.


  • We'll mention forms, handbooks, and other documents you can download directly from the Guides.

  • Downloads will either open in a new window or appear at the bottom left on your screen.

  • You'll find them at the bottom of the page. It looks like this:


Resource Directory

If you want to find services in your area, go to our Resource Directory:

  • Find it in at the top of your screen or click on it above to open it in a new tab.

  • Put in your zip code

  • Choose what you're looking for:

    • Therapists, activities, programs, providers, support groups, much more!

    • Search for one service at a time. If you check more than one, it will show only places that offer all the ones you checked.


  • To print a page, go to File at the top of your screen and select print.


  • To share a link with family, friends, or providers, copy the web address (or URL) of that page and include in an email, text, post, or however else you talk with each other.

Contact us

If you want to talk to our staff and get help:

  • Call or text us at 1-844-354-1212

  • Email us at: info@exceptionallives.org 

This Guide is meant to help people with a wide range of needs, but we can't always address every question. Get in touch if you need more help. We're here to make it easier!


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