How do I get Special Ed?

The process for getting services looks like this:

Image shows a cycle beginning with referral feeding into evaluation, eligiility, IEP, placement, instruction, annual review, then starting again with evaluation.  These are the steps:

  1. Contact your school system and ask for a meeting.

  2. Get a referral for your child to have a pupil appraisal (evaluation).

  3. The school does an evaluation of your child.

  4. Based on the evaluation, you see if your child qualifies (is eligible) for special education.

  5. If your child qualifies, you and the school will have a meeting and create the plan together. This is called an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

  6. You'll meet every year to review the IEP and make sure it is still the best plan.

If your child doesn't qualify, you have a right to get another evaluation. Your child could also get what's called a 504 Plan, which gives them accommodations, or adjustments in the classroom, but not specialized services.

See our Special Education Guide to learn about the whole process! (Click on Topics & Guides at the top of the screen)

Source: LDOE