Medicaid Waivers Guide - Introduction

The Medicaid Waiver Services program in Louisiana gives extra support to children and adults with disabilities.

Waivers are a part of Medicaid which is a state-funded health insurance.
They're also called home and community based waivers.

Image of two hands supporting a house


If a person can live at home, but only with support, the waivers give that support.

The goal is to help people to not have to live in a residential home or nursing home. (These are sometimes called Institutional Care Facilities or ICEs.)



Applying for a Medicaid Waiver could be one of the most important things you do to get support for your family member throughout their life.

The waivers offer a range of services that can help in different ways.

Maybe you're applying for the first time, waiting until they have services for you, or have been accepted and need help setting up your services. Either way, we'll help you through!

We'll tell you:

  • What kinds of services the Waivers offer

  • How to apply

  • What to do while if you have to wait 

  • How to set up a Plan of Care 

  • Who to call with questions

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