About Vocational Programs

If you're looking for a job, you should be familiar with vocational programs.

Their goal is to help prepare people to find jobs that match their skills and interests. These programs also offer support on the job. Many of them are specifically for people with disabilities and can give you personalized support.

How can these programs help you?

  • The skills prepare you to do any kind of job because they apply to working in general.

  • Employers will be more likely to hire you if they know you have been through job-readiness training.

  • You'll learn how to search for the right kind of job and how to advocate for yourself.

  • Some programs help support you on the job

Examples of what they offer:

Job Readiness and Job Skills Training: 

  • How to figure out what job is right for you

  • How to search for a job, interview well, and write a resume and cover letter

  • Being responsible — dressing professionally, showing up on time, interacting well with co-workers

  • Basic office skills like typing, filing, and using a computer

Job Matching:

  • Some programs work with certain employers and might be able to match you with a specific job

  • Help finding a job through listings


  • Help you stand up for your rights

  • Help you to apply for — and get — the benefits you qualify for

Supported Employment:

  • Some programs can match you with a job coach, who will meet with you regularly and help you learn how to do your job well.

  • Sometimes these programs will have a special arrangement with certain companies, and help you prepare for their specific jobs.

Support with Equipment and Adaptations: 

  • Helps you to find devices or technology that you need at work to do your job, and learn how to use them. Or can help you make changes to your home or car like a wheelchair ramp.

Peer Support:

  • Someone with a disability who has gone through this can help you one-on-one.

Information and Referral:

  • They can help you find other places to call and get help.

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