Checklist from Strategies for Success Guidebook

In November of 2017, the Louisiana Department of Education created a 22-page Guide called Strategies for Success: A Guidebook for Supporting Students with Disabilities. 

This outlines what all school districts in the state intend to do to help students.

Here is an adapted list of what they say they should be doing:

  • Know your child's challenges and needs
  • Identify and do the assessments that are appropriate for your child
  • Identify classroom interventions to help them if they are not learning at grade level
  • Monitor their progress regularly and make adjustments to the interventions if they are not working
  • Keep open communication with you: explain all testing results, interventions and options clearly and make sure you understand them
  • Evaluate your child for learning disabilities if they are not making progress with the interventions
  • Create an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for your child if they qualify
  • Follow your child's IEP if they have one: provide all instructional supports and services listed


Source:  Strategies for Success: A Guidebook for Supporting Students with Disabilities, The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE), 2017.  (Click on the title to open it in a new window.) 


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