How to find free or low cost legal help

It is a complicated process to get Continuing Tutorship or Interdiction. You will probably need a lawyer to help you.

Here are some ways to get free legal advice and find low cost lawyers who know the process. Please note that when you click on a link, the website will open in a new tab or window on your screen.

Resource Directory:

See our Resource Guide to search for lawyers in your area who know about disability rights.

  • Look in the Legal category under Services.

  • If you want a list of people who know about decision-making options like ContinuingTutorship or Interdiction, choose Guardianship.

To find legal help:

When searching through these resources, look for lawyers who specialize in special education law, disability law, family law, probate law, interdiction, or tutorship.

  • Search for lawyers in your parish through the Disabilities Assistance Network. This list isn't comprehensive; the people listed here have asked to be included.

  • Check with the Louisiana Bar Association's Referral Service. In New Orleans you can call504-561-8828; in Baton Rouge you can call225-344-9926.

  • You can also call the Louisiana Bar Association at1-800-421-5722 for help finding a lawyer in your area.

  • The Academy of Special Needs Planners: Louisiana Listings.(The lawyers are marked for Attorney)

  • Special Needs Alliance: Louisiana Listings.

  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys: search by your zip code here.(Besides elder law, these members usually know a lot about guardianship for people with disabilities as well.)

If you can't afford a lawyer, try calling one of these organizations.

They should be able to give you free advice and maybe free or low cost legal help.

Reminder: We do not endorse any of these providers. We are simply providing links for your reference. We are simply providing links to databases for your reference. Legal fees will vary depending on the complexity of your case.