Decision Making - Introduction

Will your child be 18 in the next few years?

When they turn 18, you no longer have the right to make decisions for them unless you go through a process to get legal permission.

This is the time to start thinking about different options to help support your child's decision-making.

In this Guide, we'll help you:

  • Understand the different options.

    • These include less restrictive options like supported decision-making, or "power of attorney" privileges.

    • There are also more restrictive options like Continued Tutorship and Interdiction. These give you (or another adult) legal permission to make decisions for your child. They are called guardianship in most states. 

  • Choose which option is best for your child, based on how well they can make their own decisions.

  • Go through the process of getting legal permission, if that's the best choice.

  • Get support in helping your child learn how to make their own decisions, if that's the best choice.

  • Know who to ask for help (including a lawyer).


We hope this Guide will answer your questions. If not, we'll tell you who to call.

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