The School Building Level Committee (SBLC)

The SBLC is a team who can meet to discuss the needs of a child who is struggling and decide on solutions.

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This is a formal process to identify why a child is having trouble and in what areas, and put interventions in place to help. If your child is having trouble, you can ask their teacher to set up an SBLC meeting.

If your child is already getting some interventions, this committee should already be in place.

Image of four people meeting at a desk

The SBLC Team:

  • School principal
  • Classroom teacher
  • Parent or guardian
  • Student (if appropriate)
  • If needed, other teachers, the school counselor, social worker, nurse or other staff.

What they do:

  • Look at all the information from school assessments, teacher observations and parent concerns.
  • Identify the specific areas where the child is having trouble. 
  • Look at the child's strengths and preferred learning style.
  • Create an action plan to add interventions (new teaching strategies) and other supports to help the student to make better progress.
  • Monitor the supports and interventions and adjust them if needed.
  • Schedule follow-up meetings as needed.

Important things to know:

  • In many cases, this process will be enough to help the student get on track and make progress.
  • But if, during this process, the team or the parent suspects that the child may have a disability, they can refer the child for an evaluation. Parents have a legal right to ask for this, and schools have a legal obligation to agree to it.
  • You, the parent, are part of the team and have a say in the action plan. You know your child best!
  • Stay involved, make sure you understand the plan, and keep track of how it's working for your child.

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