Requesting a full evaluation

If your child's teacher has tried interventions and they have not helped, you should ask for a special education evaluation.

Image of a checklist on a clipboard

  • A special education evaluation is sometimes called a pupil appraisal or 1508 evaluation.
  • It's a series of tests to see if your child has a learning disability that prevents them from making progress in school. If they do, they will qualify for special education services.
  • This means you will create an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to describe the services and special instruction that the school will give to your child.

Special Education Evaluation vs. Assessments

Chart showing the difference between Assessments and Evaluations. Assessments: 'Standard tests they give every students to see if they are making progess as expected in their grade. Includes LEAP 2025, Benchmark and Curriculum-based' Evaluations: 'A series of tests to see if a child has a learning disability or developmental disability. Also called 1508 Evaluation or Pupil Appraisal'

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