Coronavirus Pandemic and School Updates

It's not easy to manage school during the pandemic when you have children with special needs!

Read on for school updates and other tips and resources during this difficult time. 

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The state and school districts are working hard to put supports in place to make sure that the new school year is safe and addresses the needs of students and families.


How can I stay grounded and help my child through this?

Other school-related questions:

What can I expect for the new school year in August?

What if my child relies on school meals?

  • Schools have been distributing meals for students who need them. Some are continuing through the summer.
  • See the LDOE's Nutrition Page to find out where and when. 

I don’t have reliable internet access. How will my child access on-line resources?

What about my child’s IEP? What are the school's responsibilities?

  • If schools are closed and no students are being educated, they are not required to provide services to children with disabilities.
  • If educational opportunities are provided to the general student population, they DO have a responsibility to make sure students with disabilities have equal access. This means that if the school gives typical students ways to continue learning online, they must give students with IEPs or 504 Plans the accommodations they need for this.
  • Contact your teacher or IEP team if you have questions.


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