Who to work with at the school?

Communicating well with the school is a key part of helping your child get the right supports. 

From your child's teacher to the school administration leaders, there are several people and departments to work with. Here's a rundown.

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Who are the people to work with?

  • Teacher
  • Specialists: IEP Team
  • Principal
  • Special Education Department (Sometimes called ESS: Exceptional Student Services)
  • Louisiana Department of Education


It’s best to start with their teacher and have a good system to be in touch regularly. Find out the best way to communicate: phone, email, texting or regular meetings.


If your child works with specialists, set up a good system to communicate with them also. These could include reading specialists, therapists for speech, ABA or OT, or counselors.

School Psychologist

This is the person who usually coordinates the special education evaluation. They can also help with social or emotional needs or behavior assessments and strategies.


If you need to talk to someone a step higher up, talk with the principal.

Special Education or ESS Department

One step higher would usually be your district or parish’s Special Education Department. Sometimes this is called Exceptional Student Services (ESS) They can help if you are not happy with how things are going or if you want to ask questions about special education services that the teacher or specialists can’t answer.

LA Department of Education

If you think the school has denied your child’s legal rights, you can file a complaint with the Department of Education. Call 225-342-3572 for help. See this page about what to do if you disagree with the school.


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