Setting up the IEP: starting the process

If your child qualifies for special education, the next step is to work with the school to create a specific education plan. 


  • This is called an IEP, or Individualized Education Program.
  • The IEP is written for each child and includes their goals and the services to help them reach these goals.

More_about_the_IEP_new.pngAn IEP is an Individualized Education Plan. It's a legal contract between you and the school that describes the specialized instruction support that the school will give your child.

What does an IEP include?

  • Your child's goals
  • Which specialized services they will get
  • How often they will get them
  • What school or program your child will be in
  • How often they will be out of the regular classroom
  • If they will get transportation to and from the school 
  • If they will get Extended Year Services (EYS)


The IEP Team:


  • The school will bring together a group of teachers and specialists who will be involved in your child's education and support services.
  • This group, along with you--the parents or guardians--will make up the IEP Team.
  • Your child should be part of this team if they are able to and old enough, at least by age 16.

Preparing for the IEP Meeting:

  • You will think about your child's needs and your concerns.
  • Then you'll come up with a vision of how you see them succeeding over the next few years. This will be part of the IEP.
  • The school will use this information to draft an IEP for your child.
  • Then you'll have the first IEP meeting to go over the draft and talk about it.
  • The whole team will create the IEP together and you have a right to make sure it includes what you want.


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