Questions to ask at the IEP meeting about reading and literacy

Remember you have the right to ask any questions before the IEP meeting or during it. 

Here are some questions you may want to ask:

When you schedule the IEP meeting:

  • [If English is not your first language] Will there be an interpreter there? I know this is my legal right.
  • Will there be a reading specialist at the meeting? I want to be sure we all understand how the disability affects reading skills.
  • Will at least one of the evaluators be there? I want to make sure I understand the evaluation report.
  • Please send me the evaluation report and the draft of the IEP before the meeting.

At the meeting:

  • The_School_Building_Level_Committee_Meeting_Icon.jpgWhat grade level is my child reading at now?
  • What does the report show, exactly? What specific challenges are affecting my child’s reading?
  • What kind of interventions or instructional strategies do you suggest? Are they “evidence-based” (or “data-driven”)? Do they use a multisensory approach?
  • How many times per week? Is that enough to help my child aim for catching up to grade-level skills?
  • Are there any accommodations that will help my child in the classroom? (Extra time for tests, frequent breaks, assistive technology or other supports.)
  • Does my child need help with anything else, like speech and language, fine motor skills or social and emotional regulation?
  • Is there consultation time included in the IEP so the classroom teachers working with my child can get support in the teaching techniques?
  • How will you monitor progress? What assessments will you do, and how often?
  • Are all of these written into the IEP?

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