Common times when you may need to say "no"

Sometimes the school will make suggestions that you do not think are in your child's best interest.

If you listen to your gut and know your rights, you can prevent some of these.

Here are some examples of common things that may happen. They are times when we, as parents, need to know that we can disagree and find a better solution.


c_a_t.pngGiving work that's below grade level

"The work we are doing is just too hard. I don't want her to feel bad!"


Principal.pngSending a child home or suspending them for "acting up"

"Please come pick him up now. There's nothing we can do."


image1.pngAsking you to waive your right for the 3-year evaluation

"I don't think it's necessary. Everything is the same."



image2.pngGiving the child fewer or less frequent services than they really need because of "scheduling problems"

"We can't schedule a speech therapist at the right times twice a week, so we'll say once a week."



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