Louisiana parent guides to help with schoolwork

If your child needs extra help to keep learning at grade level, there are resources to guide you. We'll show you how to find them.


After months of remote learning due to the Coronavirus, many students will need extra help this year to stay on grade level. Below are links to resources from the Louisiana Department of Education.

These are arranged by grade level and by the module or unit. They include ideas for how to work with your child and help support them in different ways.

English Language Arts (ELA) Parent Guides:

  • These describe what the students are reading in each unit, what they are supposed to learn and how to support them.
  • The types of support include ideas for helping your child with background knowledge, reading, vocabulary, organization and writing.
  • Ask your child's teacher which module or unit they are working on, and look up the correct Parent Guide.

Click on your child's grade below and the Parent Guide will open in a new tab. You can also find them all here.



Extra help for Distance Learning:

Click here to find more resources to help your child if they're learning remotely.

  • Knowledge Packs: These include the texts for each reading unit, and activities to help for each one. They help students to learn the background knowledge, vocabulary and skills needed to read and understand the texts.
  • Distance Learning Guidebook Companions: These have exercises to help students in each grade and unit to understand and express their understanding of the texts.

Eureka Math Parent Guides:

Click here to find Math Guides for each grade and module.

  • This page has a lot on it! For the Eureka Math Guides, scroll way down and look on the left side.
  • Each one includes the focus of the module, an overview of the topic, vocabulary, sample problems and tips to help your child at home.

What do grade-level skills look like?

If you want to see the kinds of things that the school expects students to know in different grades, click here to see the LEAP 2025 Practice Tests. (Scroll down to Practice Tests and pick your child's grade and the subject you want to see.)

Click on the links below to learn more about the statewide performance test and what's expected in different grades:


Here's another resource from the U.S. Dept. of Education:

Parent Power: Build the Bridge to Success

This short booklet was written in 2010, so will not address the challenges of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. But it does include tips and checklists to help parents be involved in their children's learning-- from preschool through high school.


Source: LDOE