What are Compensatory Services?

If a student has missed services that are on their IEP because the services were not available, the school "owes" the services to the child when they become available.

This is a right that is guaranteed by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

For example: If your child's speech therapist quit and it took the school 3 weeks to find a new therapist, your child should get extra therapy sessions to make up for the ones they missed.


Strong Start Compensatory Services

  • Louisiana now also has a plan for compensatory services to make up for lost time during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.
  • Schools should be assessing all students with disabilities at the beginning of the school year to see if they will need extra help and extra services to make up for time they lost last Spring.
  • Click here to read about Strong Start Compensatory Services. (It will open in a new tab.)

For example: If your child was not able to engage with their specialized instruction or other services during the school shut-down, the school has to make up for that lost time with extra services and support.


What can you do?

Talk to your IEP contact about this!

  • Did they assess your child?
  • What did the assessment show? Did your child regress (lose skills)? How much?
  • What plans to they have to provide compensatory services?

The bottom line: if your child has an IEP, the school must find a way to make up the services and instruction that they missed. It will not be easy, but you and the school must work together to figure out a plan that you agree on.


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Source: La DOE