Helping your child transition into school - Intro

When your child has a disability, starting school can be complicated!

Read on and we'll help you figure out how to set up services and help your child through this.

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This Guide will help you to do these things:

  • Make the transition from EarlySteps to school-based services (if they are in EarlySteps)
  • Connect with the school system before your child turns 3
  • Learn about the services that your child can get from the school after age 3 (Special Education)
  • Choose a school that can meet your child's needs 
  • Learn your rights and how to advocate for your child


If your child is getting Special Education services already, or if you want to learn about that whole process, please see the other Guide on Special Education Services. (Click to open it in a new tab.)

We hope this Guide will answer your questions. If not, we'll tell you who to call.

Each Exceptional Lives Guide has lots of info!

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